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A macro housing project of mixed income planned as an extenstion to one of the largest "township" areas in Gauteng Province, South Africa. This project represents the biggest single planned development area in the country and includes some 25 000 residential units of which approximately 50% will be developed utilizing state capital subsidies. Residential units vary in size, density and target market. The land assembly for this development includes some 2 000 Ha of proime agricultural land and the project includes porposals for some 600 Ha of intensive commercial urban agriculture as well as focused initiatives for large scale subsistence farming.

Project details

Status Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality
Municipality Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality
Stakeholders Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, isquithi Consortium
Land Owned by Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. Land available to Isquithi Consortium
Implementation Isquithi Consortium as turnkey agent of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality
Project Scope 6 000 Units
Project Value R 1.1 Billion
Implementation programme 4 years