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Our Projects

Zandspruit Urban Development Framework

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Identified precincts within which a variety of spatial planning and development interventions were proposed, with specific focus on different housing typologies and supporting mixed uses; Applied the basic urban development principles of the Johannesburg Growth and Development Strategy and Spatial Development Framework; Provided scale-appropriate development guidelines and typologies for the range of housing options, hierarchy of nodal areas, and hierarchy of roads; Incorporated the work done by the Provincial Professional Regional Team; Applied the principles of Transit Oriented Development (TOD); Promoted the development of economic opportunities; Promoted a diverse and medium density land use structure; Provided public open spaces and pedestrian links to and from these spaces; Provided social facilities and amenities, commensurate with the number of families to be accommodated within the development.

Project details

Status Completed in 2009/2010
Client City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality
Project Location Randburg, Gauteng Province
Municipality CJMM
Project Scope Urban Design
Project Value R 550 000.00