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Human Resource Development Programme

Urban Dynamics recognizes the multicultural diversity of the entire spectrum of the South African community and aims to create an environment in which all individuals can develop and reach their full potential.

Since its inception, Urban Dynamics has strived towards the eradication of unfair discrimination whilst simultaneously restructuring the working environment and management structure of the company by pro-actively creating a climate of equal opportunity for all its’ people. In support of our ongoing commitment to the aims and objectives of the RDP, GEAR & ASGISA, Urban Dynamics has developed a comprehensive and far reaching Human resources Development Programme (HRDP) which encompasses several components as listed below:


  • Affirmative action (Equal Employment Equity Plan)
  • Education
  • Personal development and training
  • Partnerships/Associations
  • Community development and support


Since its modest beginnings, Urban Dynamics has applied an employment policy of providing equal opportunities to all individuals, irrespective of race and gender. Urban Dynamics is committed, as an integral part of the Company's overall business structure to play a continuous and contributing role in ensuring equitable and indiscriminant employment procedures within the Group. To further this commitment, Urban Dynamics has developed a comprehensive affirmative action policy that aims at realizing the potential of all its employees without compromising our outstanding quality of service.

Urban Dynamics strongly believes that affirmative action demands a level of ability where every individual should be suitably qualified for a specific position, although recognition is also given to factors such as merit, potential, track record and disadvantages certain groups may have experienced. The acute shortage of qualified Town and Regional Planners emerging from disadvantaged communities has placed a serious burden on our attempts to redress imbalances, which is why Urban Dynamics places special emphasis on appropriate training programmes and career promotion opportunities.

Equal Employment Opportunity. Our affirmative action policy is defined as actively searching for non-whites and women in the recruitment and employment of staff, thereby redressing the gender and racial imbalances in the Company. Affirmative Action will include the creation of vacancies to allow for advancement and will require the removal of hidden barriers to open up promotional paths and skills enhancement opportunities. In pursuit of these goals, programmes ensuring the development of staff and enabling the achievement of their full potential will have to be developed, refined and implemented on an on-going basis. Equal opportunity is defined as a commitment to protect all employees against any exclusion or loss of opportunity in terms of the conditions of employment, particularly on the grounds of race and gender. Equal opportunity employment must be seen as the Company's goal, but on its own will not be able to meet the current under-representation with the benefit of Affirmative Action.

  • Recruitment: This is the most effective area in which affirmative action can be realized. Advertising should be geared towards targeted sections of the population in order to elicit applications from under-represented groups. If no vacancies exist, bridging funding will be provided for appointing good candidates or to redefine existing employees' portfolios.
  • Selection: Urban Dynamics Gauteng has always advocated the principle that the best person for the job should be appointed. A serious commitment to affirmative action demands that factors such as merit, potential, ability, track record and the need to redress certain imbalances be taken into account. Cognizance must be taken of the disadvantages certain groups may have experienced.
  • Career Advancement: Urban Dynamics Gauteng recognizes that promotion is a means of redressing imbalances. In order to realize this, employees from under-represented groups must be identified and granted every opportunity to acquire skills and gain experience.
  • Quality Guarantee: Clear guidelines must be provided concerning the levels of performance that must be reached. The employee will be reinstated to the previous position if he/she fails or is unable to meet generally agreed upon performance levels.


Urban Dynamics firmly believes in establishing secure and long lasting associations/partnerships with marginalized individuals or companies in order to ensure the transfer of skills and technology, as well as to empower and build their capacities. These relationships may vary from joint ventures in relation to specific projects, to providing management, financial, technical and administrative support on a more permanent basis.

Community Development and Support

In broadening our commitment to Southern Africa, Urban Dynamics contributes significantly to improving the quality of life of communities with whom we are involved by supporting them financially and otherwise. Urban Dynamics also strives, through its involvement with communities, to equip individuals and groups with appropriate skills in order to reach their full potential and ensuring a better and safer environment.

The involvement of URBAN DYNAMICS in developing and supporting communities entails the following:

  • Capacity building
  • Project based skills development
  • Community based training
  • Technical support
  • Administrative support
  • Infrastructural support
  • Financial support
  • Promotions and sponsorships
  • Project based job creation.

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