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Africa - Unbound Opportunity

size of africa

The UK Daily Mail ran an interesting article in October 2013 called: "Africa as you've never seen it before!" It included a graphic that showed the sheer size of the African continent by indicating how many other countries could fit inside it.  

Africa measures 30 000 000 km2  and is so big that the following 13 countries cover the same surface area:

  1. Portugal,
  2. Belgium,
  3. the Netherlands,
  4. Switzerland,
  5. the UK,
  6. Japan,
  7. China,
  8. India,
  9. Eastern Europe,
  10. Italy,
  11. Germany,
  12. France, and
  13. Spain

It gives a new perspective and some food for thought.

Urban Dynamics recently participated in a World Town Planning Day online conference with the theme "Equality in the City".  While it was interesting to share ideas and concepts across the globe, it is clear that the world's, and indeed mankind's developmental future prosperity hinges on how and when Africa develops.

As the bigest and most specialized development planning consultancy in Africa, Urban Dynamics provides unrivalled access to African development opportunities.

If you require assistance with developments throughout Africa, please contact:

  • Hannes Potgieter
  • Email addresses are using obfuscation for protection against spam-bots. JavaScript must be enabled to view the email address.
  • TEl: +27 (11) 482-4131