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Frankenwald UDF


Urban Dynamics was appointed to undertake a spatial planning process according to City of Johannesburg Guidelines to prepare an Urban Development Framework (UDF) for the land holding known as ‘Frankenwald’ which is owned by the University of the Witwatersrand. The UDF will set out a framework and guidelines for the development of Frankenwald and will be adopted as a City of Johannesburg planning policy once approved by Council.

The Draft Frankenwald UDF Report can be downloaded from this web site:


Enquiries: Jon Busser

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Level 1 BB-BEE Maintained!

saflagOn 4 March 2021, Urban Dynamics Gauteng Inc once again reached the goal of being classified as a Black Empowered Entity and a Level 1 Contributor under the 2017 Construction Sector Code.  This is an achievement that very few housing practitioners reach.

By the nature of our work, Urban Dynamics Gauteng Inc. is closely linked to labor-intensive construction initiatives and construction projects that promote the training and support of community members and emerging contractors.

While we are excited about this achievement and acknowledge that this accolade will open many doors for construction tenders and future housing contracts, we confirm that our commitment to BB-BEE is not a fixed target, but an ongoing enterprise development process.

Urban Dynamics Gauteng Inc. will continue to proactively engage in this process to implement the Charter as a code of practice and vigorously support the implementation of ownership transformation, increased black and black female representation at management control level and broaden employment equity across the company. We will also continue to develop learning and mentoring programs and create scholarships and broaden our existing preferential procurement policies and action plans to enhance our supplier development frameworks. Lastly, our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is testament of the company’s commitment to financially support a wide range of socio economic development projects and charities.

Our Broad Based-Black Economic Empowerment transformation journey has only started and we are eager to continue beyond legal compliance. This journey is set to positively impact on the development and participation of our staff, the communities we work with and to transform South African society into a striving growth economy.

Lufhereng (Doornkop) Inclusionary Housing Project

lufhereng_logoAs early as 1997, the Gauteng Department of Housing and Local Authority at that time (Western MLC) invited development proposals for a large housing initiative situated to the West of Soweto on portions of the farms Doornkop 239 I.Q. and Zuurbult 240 I.Q. This housing project was placed on hold due to the parallel identification of a provincial small farmers resettlement programme.

In the 2003/2004 financial year, the Gauteng Department of Housing conceived an integrated urban development project and appointed a team of professionals to conduct a project feasibility study. The “Doornkop Greenfields” project as it was known at the time, was always intended to be a large scale mixed income, mixed typology and mixed tenure housing development in keeping with the latest policy shifts of the National Housing Ministry in terms of Inclusionary Housing and the Breaking New Grounds (BMG) strategies. The integrated and mixed nature of the Doornkop Greenfields project meant that its planning phases were jointly conceptualized by the City of Joburg and the Gauteng Department of Housing.

The Joburg Property Company (JPC) was identified as the entity responsible for project implementation in the short term and initiated the process of land purchase and transfer from various national and provincial government departments and private land owners. The Gauteng Department of Housing currently still represents the principle funder of the project to date; while the agreements between Province and Council listing Council as the developer of the project.

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ISO 9001 Accreditation


ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized standard for the quality management of businesses.

Urban Dynamics Gauteng Inc embarked on the mammoth task of achieving ISO 9001 accreditation. The purpose of this was to ensure that the organizations primary focus remains on the delivery and quality of services and products to our clients. A secondary focus was to ensure that all employees have a common understanding of the standard of the quality. The process was aimed at identifying client needs and expectations and ensuring that these are met to the satisfaction of clients.

The accreditation process entailed documenting all process and procedures currently used within the organization, and where there were gaps identified, to formulate new procedures. A quality manual was adopted by the Board of Directors as the official quality manual for the organization. All staff members have been trained on these policies and procedures and the effective implementation of the system was verified by regular inspections, reviews and audits. The audits compare the management practice against the requirements of the written procedures. Where there are instances of non-conformance, these are documented and preventative and corrective measures taken to ensure future compliance. The quality objectives are continuously reviewed and any changes are communicated throughout the organization to ensure continued compliance. The review of the quality management system is done through a process of monthly internal audits, annual external audits, core team quarterly reviews and annual management review. These are all aimed at ensuring that the policies and procedures are still relevant and are adhered to.

This process started in November 2009 and culminated in the organization being ISO 9001 accredited since March 2010 (see attached certification). The formal accreditation represents a prominent milestone for the organisation as it signifies the company’s commitment towards providing high quality professional services to our clients and thereby to ensure that we meet their needs and expectation.

Urban Dynamics Gauteng Inc has achieved a level of professional service commensurate with its well proven reputation for Quality and Service and maintains and improves its ISO 9001 Quality Management Programme in order to further endorse this position. Urban Dynamics has made a commitment to continually improve on the level of quality of service and thus to maintain its coveted ISO 9001 accreditation.

Download Urban Dynamics' ISO 9001 Accreditation Certificate here.

The UD Quality Management System is ISO 9001 Accredited.  Any customer comments and complaints should be forwarded to the Managing Director:

  • Hannes Potgieter
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Interested in Town Planning as a Career?


When e.tv Sunrise featured Town and Regional Planning in heir weekly career information slot, they contacted Urban Dynamics for assistance.  

An interview was scheduled with Jon Busser on 20 February 2015. The interview, by e.tv Sunrise anchor Penny Lebyane, focussed on Town Planning as a career choice.

This informative interview on the Town and Regional Planning profession is available on YouTube and can be accessed by following the link below.

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Linksfield Town Planning


The Linksfield Mixed Use Exclusionary Project was approved by the City of Johannesburg Municipal Planning Tribunal on 13 November 2018. 

The project is is expected to enter its implementation phase in 2019 and is located to the west of the N3 Highway, south of the Edenvale Hospital/ Elphin Retirement Village, east of Club Street and north of the Linksfield road and Linksfield Terrace Shopping Center.





Applicant: Urban Dynamics Gauteng on behalf of the Gauteng Provincial Government


Jon Busser

Urban Dynamics Gauteng Inc.

Tel: 011 481 4131 

Fax: 011 482 9959

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